I have now finished up placement in Belize, it was a wonderful experience and thank you and Medics Away for facilitating it!

Ashleigh Johnson

Wouter van Eeden here. I don't know if you still remember me but Im a medical student from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. We had all that trouble with our passports last year. Me and 3 friends (Andrew, Pavan, Hussain) went to Bali last June for 4 weeks. We had an absolute amazing time and we're thinking of going away to Tobago this year around June. Can I ring you sometime tomorrow or when ever it suits you and we can have a short meeting about it? Just to get your opinion etc... Just gimme a time and well arrange it.

Wouter van Eeden

Quick question. I am having a fantastic time in Peru and would like to stay an extra week.

Rachel Smith